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Our trading calls provide in following format-
Buy [email protected] sl15p t25pt Sell bharat [email protected] sl 6p t 15pt Book once before12pm on move Reenter after2.30pm
Buy crude sep+sell crude [email protected] @6.29pm sl 5 pt t14-28pt Buy nickelm in [email protected] 1115 t 1127 Ftiday volatile trade less

Buy [email protected] sl4pt t6-9pt Sell sunpharma(low volume) sl5pt t7-13pt Buy [email protected] sl40 pt+buy nearest put for hedging [email protected] 8pm 9619748433
Buy leadm+ sell zincm sl0.5pt Book once before 2.30/6pm Wait for clarity in evening Risky Buy menthaoil in dip near atp sl1pt t7pt 9619748433
Sell [email protected] t300-700pt Sell crude sep+buy [email protected] Sl5pt t14-26pt Ng [email protected] Buy sep+sell [email protected] sl0.6p [email protected]
Sell [email protected] t300-700pt Sl5pt t14-26pt Ng [email protected] Buy sep+sell [email protected] sl0.6p [email protected]

Buy [email protected] sl 3p t book @3.?0pm Sell appolo [email protected] t 5p Sell [email protected] sl1p t Whats [email protected]3266391
Buy nickelm sep+sell nickelm [email protected] pm t 9-20pt Crude inventory [email protected] Buy sep+ sell oct crude @dot 7.59pm sl 5 pt [email protected] 8pm 9619748433
Buy [email protected]/8.54pm sl 100 p t 300 pt Risky Buy ng in [email protected] sl 240.8 t 2-4p crude [email protected] [email protected] 8pm 9619748433

Buy bharti [email protected] sl5p tgt 6-11pt Sell [email protected] sl0.5 p t 21 Metal-realty down auto sector up(tatamotor ok Whats app [email protected]
Buy [email protected] sl0.6pt t42-44 Sell [email protected] sl 10pt t14-25p F & o Buy idea175 call+165 put(intraday Book [email protected] Whats [email protected]
Sell [email protected]+buy [email protected] sl 0.3pt t1p Book [email protected] before 6pm A safe combo for day time Whats [email protected]
Buy crude sep+sell crude [email protected] 5p t16-30p Sell [email protected] sl1p t 3p Risky Buy [email protected]/8.54pm sl25 p t100 p Whats [email protected]

Buy [email protected] sl4pt t 6-9pt Big trader Buy ongc460call @cmp & 430 [email protected] Wait till 3.25pm Sir in Sikkim training tour Whats app [email protected]
Buy [email protected] sl20p t50pt Sell [email protected] sl20 t4p Buy [email protected] sl10 p t 20p+ 8100 put Sir in Sikkim training tour Whats app [email protected]
Buy [email protected]/6.54pm sl2p t7-11p Sell [email protected]/6.54pm sl 5p t16-35p Whats app [email protected]
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