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F.A.Q.(frequently asked questions)

1.How to choose a right tipper & trust it among thousands options?
Do not trust,jsut calculate,what are you paying and what extra support are you getting in return.If you are paying reasonable & getting reasonable,then try it.
2.How many tips per day?
4 calls in stock market
6calls in mcx.
3.Which time is best for trading?
stock market 2.30 to 3.30pm
mcx 7 to9pm
4.shall we get calls in that time only?
No, you will get calls on any clear movement,
but clear moves are seen in evening generally.
5.What is the guarantee of no loss?
If you believe in guarantee,do not go for any business.This word is not for any businessman.
See yous last 6 month trade notes,
if losses+brokerage are more than 50,000
then you should join 20000/- course without thinking 1 hour.
6.Don't have time for training due to job or business?
When you have losses, you think 24 hours about that.Don't you have time?
daily 5 minute may give you learning worth 2000/- profit daily.
7.How will you give training or support?
You will get daily video lesson in mail id.
6 calls for practical trading with mini lots , maximum loss 2000 if all sl hit.
then discuss all calls technicals before & after trade.
8.what if price slips?
We have 24*7 helpline, call us and trade with clarity.
9.What is the extra benefit of training?
You are not paying anything for training.
Without learning any field , you should not touch it.
That's why 99% of indian traders have been losing here.
If it is tipping only, your profit is half for tipping period & risk double.
pack finish,profit stops.
If you are in training pack ,your profit in tipping period double & risk half.
pack finish,you need no tipper in future.
profit lifelong.
If you are earning 3000 daily due to our new strategy,
then it is 3000*250 trading days= 7lac per year
more than 1 crore in next 10-15years.
10.If we want to take training at your HO?
1.1lakh for 50 hour training & that is minimum in allover INDIA.
Still market exposure for 5days only with us, so it will be more theoritical.
In tipping+ training pack, it is totally practical
and you can start it very nest day without any big planning.
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