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Please do not compare us
with other Tips Provider in india
  • No convincing, no hardcore marketing.
  • We care for your capital. We shall never tell you to buy/sell 3 big lot of silver without knowing your capacity.

  • it's your job to find a good research. tipping fee is not charity.

  • You are not paying us but earning through us.

  • We will tell you the truth frankly, traders lost 2lacs in losses and brokerage,
    but they need 100 proofs & guarantee to pay 1 month fee (almost 1 sl).
  • 6. Stop ego ride,
  • lose ego, earn profit
    keep ego, lose profit.

  • A good trader always knows how to recover tipping fee in a week. so he has the power to trust.

  • Prediction may be right for 3 days, but fails on 4th day obliviously.
  • Strategy never fails.

we do not predict.

Finally we have come up with 100% safe solution.
2. Nse future & option
nifty and call /put combo gives 70,000 in capital 60,000 only.

Main features

1. max capital loss 2% daily
2. Profit 4-7% daily.
3. Trade with mini lots (single or multiple)
4. Fix time to give tips.
5. 20,000 capital is ok to start with us.

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