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Please do not compare us
with other Tips Provider in india

  1. We care for your capital. We shall never tell you to buy/sell 3 big lot of silver without knowing your capacity.

2. No convincing, no hardcore marketing.

3. it's your job to find a good research. tipping fee is not charity.

4. You are not paying us but earning through us.

5. We will tell you the truth frankly, traders lost 2lacs in losses and brokerage,
but they need 100 proofs & guarantee to pay 1 month fee (almost 1 sl).

6. Stop ego ride,

lose ego, earn profit
keep ego, lose profit.

7. a good trader always knows how to recover tipping fee in a week. so he has the power to trust.

8. Prediction may be right for 3 days, but fails on 4th day obliviously.
Strategy never fails.

we do not predict.

A very long experience and research (almost 6 yrs) has been carried out by us. More than 10,000 traders involved in survey.

Finally we have come up with 100% safe solution.

1. Mcx - bullion, base, energy combined pack in single cost. If you want to earn maximum intraday then you will have to trade right commodity on right day. If you are not comfortable in any commodity then start with micro/mini lot. Because, bullion/base shows clear movement 6 days only out of 22 days.

2. Nse future & option
nifty and call /put combo gives 70,000 in capital 60,000 only.

Main features

1. max capital loss 2% daily
2. Profit 4-7% daily.
3. Trade with mini lots (single or multiple)
4. Fix time to give tips.
5. 20,000 capital is ok to start with us.
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Equity Stock & NSE-FO Tips with Maximum Accuracy in india

Equity Tips


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Registered & get all BSE NSE Stock market equity tips

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Registered & all NSE Future option tips
Nifty Tips

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Registered & Nifty Future & Call Put 

Stock Future & Commodity (MCX) 
Trading Tips with 98% Accuracy.

Gold Silver Tips
Bullion Pack 

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Get Gold silver Tips in commodity for 30 day
Copper, nickle, Zink, Lead
Base Matels Tips

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Get All Copper nickle Zink Lead Tips in commodity for 30 day
Crudeoil, Natural Gas
Energy Pack

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Get Crudeoil & Natural Gas Tips for 30 day